It is extremely unfortunate that approximately 80 000 children in Tunisia suffer from poor vision due to the fact that they cannot afford what may come as a natural purchase for some, EYEGLASSES.
Amongst these kids, great minds are hidden and great potential is wasted due to a blurry vision and a lack of means. Consequently, they drop out of school and seek jobs in which they are often exploited and taken advantage of in atrocious ways.
So, what if we found a way to solve this problem, and create something useful/beautiful in the process ?
That’s why Rooya was created.
“Rooya”, means “ Vision” in arabic,  is a %100 Tunisian eyeglasses brand. We believe in  changing the world in the most positive ways through social entrepreneurship. Rooya is a social project that aims to bring education to more people, while creating jobs in the process. It’s an  unbreakable, recyclable product made from acetate that will be produced by local manufacturers.
The eyeglasses are carefully made using the producer’s expertise and knowledge generating,through the process quality products that allows you maximum comfort wearing them.
Through ROOYA, you are not getting eyeglasses that are only aesthetically pleasant but socially rewarding too.
Our « Rooya » team decided to take action and create a positive change by developing a sustainable project  :For  every pair of  eyeglasses sold, one is given to a child in need.
To reach more and more kids with vision impairment, we’re working with non-profits specialised in identifying children in need in rural areas. They go through a medical consultation, so we can determine the corrections they need. We also aim to create jobs through this social entreprise while improving the working conditions of the employees of the factories we work with.


” The visually impaired are badly seen … yet one look is enough ! “