Today, in 2018, there are some people in rural areas who still use basic and dangerous methods for cooking like Tabouna, babour and kanoun. Even people who have stoves still have to endure the prices of gas bottles, their weight and their unavailability.
It isdevastating to see that in order to eat, some Tunisians still put their lives and their children’s in danger. In fact, this problem affects not only Tunisia, but also many other countries.
  • Around 3 billion people cook using open fires
  • Over 4 million people die from the exposure to the household air.
  • More than 50% of deaths among children are caused by C02 inhaled from indoor air pollution
Enactus IHEC Carthage, decided to provide a solution for a safe cooking: La Marmita.
La Marmita allows to save energy and time and protects the environment.
La Marmita is a non-electric, heat retention cooker that allows food that has been brought to a boil on a stove, to continue cooking for hours after it has been removed from fire.