In AinDrahem, a city in northwestern Tunisia, hundreds of families are living below the poverty line. They are unable to provide their children with an education , and are lacking the basic necessities of life. In the same region and specially in Tbayniya, we came across Mabrouka : a women without any formal education but with an innate entrepreneurial mindset. She started a small firm of essential oils extraction but she lacked the right competencies enabling her to sustain and develop her business.
The GFDA « Al Baraka » is a women grou for agricultural development led by a women named « Mabrouka » and formed of 40 women. Coming from the rural area of Tbayniya, AinDrahem.
This group began to extract essential oils, from the mountain’s plants in order to create a source of living that would enable them to support their families.
Enactus IHEC Carthage devoted its knowledge to help these women to achieve their goal of sustaining a long term project, and thus improving their standard of living.