Because of the financial and social conditions, girls of boarding school in Makther, a rural region of Silisana where poverty rate reaches 40% are compelled to use newspapers, foam of mattresses instead of commercialized pads during their menstruactions, which is harmful for their health and future.
Ecolibree is a brand of washable sanitary pads manufactured in Makther, a rural region of Siliana, managed by three seamstresses. Ecolibree represents a light of hope for girls in need who can’t afford to buy disposable pads due to their Financial and social conditions in rural régions of Tunisia.
Washable sanitary pads are ecological, cost saving and made of natural materials that are healthy. Ecolibree pads are commercialized at many selling points and for every 2 pads sold, a pad is given to a gril in need. It’s pad for pad program.