“It’s not the lack of water that kills, it’s the dirty water. “

         Today in Tunisia, the supply of drinking water is a recurrent and daily issue. People living in rural zones suffer from this reality, especially in Sejnene where 28 schools do not have access to running water.
         Despite its rich rainfall (600 mm/year) and its hydraulic potential, the delegation of Sejnane suffers from a shortage of drinking water. The primitive solutions put in place by the citizens have proved to be defective because they often lead to supplying contaminated water causing, in the best cases, chronic diarrhea, stomachache, etc. Enactus IHEC Carthage, in collaboration with AFREECAN, created two effective alternatives in response to this problem from which the inhabitants of Sejnane suffer. First, we have developed a device that provides drinking water from rainwater: the idea is to collect the rainwater from the roofs, to route it to a gutter where a filtration system is installed.
The water will be stored in traditional water containers (Kolaةلق .(We guarantee drinking water through a 100% Tunisian and accessible device. In a second step, we noticed that each group of families in the region gets water from a well in disastrous conditions. Our solution is to install a Small water treatment plant connected to the wells, managed by unem-ployed people from Sejnane who will condition and then sell drinking water to communities at a reasonable price.
This will help to ensure safe drinking water and reduce the unemployment rate in the region.